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The David Suzuki Foundation’s 30×30 Challenge


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It’s time to fall (back) in love with nature! And I am thrilled to be partnering with the David Suzuki Foundation for their 5th annual 30×30 Challenge.


This May, the David Suzuki Foundation is challenging you and people around the world to join the 30×30 Challenge by spending 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days. Our goal is simple: to reconnect human beings with nature for the sake of their health and mental well-being.

Register in April and then join in!

Write a love letter to something you love about the natural world, take a pic and add it to Twitter/Instagram with #lovenature.


There are amazing toolkits available for the workplace and for schools – I highly recommend downloading them and inspiring those around you to get outside, too! Picnics! Pre-dinner bike rides! Weekend lake-side hangs.


Busy, high-tech lifestyles take a toll on the staff: reduced productivity, lower job satisfaction and higher rates of absenteeism. But there’s an easy prescription for healthier, more creative workplaces: a regular dose of nature.

We want to feel happy and productive at work, not stressed and irritable. The 30×30 Nature Challenge for Workplaces is a simple and positive way to support health and mental well-being in your organization.

Register your workplace and get the official 30×30 Workplace Toolkit for tips, resources and fun workplace activities to engage your colleagues.


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