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“I’m a big lover of simple pleasures, and I’m also a big believer in the idea that sharing small moments of beauty with others can be a very powerful force. That is why I love The Love Lettering Project. The times I have participated, it might have been the tiniest thing that I loved about living in Toronto, but I have so enjoyed the experience of writing it down, designing the card into a little piece of art, and then in a moment of blind faith, hiding it somewhere for another to find – hoping that they’ll open it and feel inspired by the act of doing something just because it was a good thing to do.

The Love Lettering Project makes me want to be both a poet and a tour guide, a family member and an ambassador. I admire the project (and its creator Lindsay) for its spirit of generosity, and its gift of delight.”

“The Love Lettering Project has been transformative in helping me to recognize just how important sense of place is in our human existence.

Thinking about and sharing gratitude for places and spaces is as important as sharing love and gratitude for people. The Love Lettering Project is one of those amazing endeavours that hammers home how small gestures can have BIG IMPACT.”
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“Five years ago, I moved to Toronto from Vancouver, and a few months in experienced a hugely difficult shift in my personal life. Being new to the city at the time, and working intensely on building my community, every day was a new venture into exploring the city and meeting new people. One morning, I woke up to a little air-mail envelope tied to my bike that said “love” on it. That little envelope became my little beacon of light that made Toronto feel like home; I knew that if there was someone out there in Toronto tying love notes to people’s bikes, this was my kind of city. I’ve kept the little envelope on my bookshelf, and in the years that have passed, now happily and fully have embraced Toronto as home.”



“I love that Toronto is full of so many, many incredible people who engage in, and share, amazing projects. People like Lindsay, projects like the Love Lettering Project; that fill me with inspiration as an artist and joy as a human. That teach me to slow down, look around and appreciate the big things, the little things, and everything in between. That remind me that simplicity, creativity, connection, and gratitude are so vital to our lives.

Lindsay inspires me to share my own love and creativity, and to spread it around in exposed and hidden places for others to pass on. The simple beauty of her project makes it perfect.
Thank you Toronto. Thank you Lindsay, for filling our big city and beyond, with love and possibility.”

Love lettering + laundry in Nottingham

“The Love Lettering Project makes you think about your city instead of just passing through it. It creates community when sharing the experience and makes others smile when you tell them about it. I love the guerrilla nature of hiding a whimsical note for someone to find and it reminded me how much I love writing.”

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“I got a love letter on the door-step of my store last week. My colleague was the one who found it and she had figured it was a letter TO ME so she didn’t open it. When I came in we both were so excited by it!! Hilarious. And when I opened it she asked if I knew who it was from. My response was, “I think someone is just spreading love around randomly and I’m so glad we got some here!” And to my utter delight, I learned this morning on Metro Morning that I was right!! Thank you thank you thank you!”


“While strolling around my neighbourhood, the Beach, I saw someone place something into The Grid magazine box. My partner said that she had read an article about this artist who goes around the city writing love letters to the city and she said that she was pretty sure that was one. We kept walking and I really wanted to go back and check but felt awkward about it so we kept walking further down Queen. We walked East for a while and decided it was getting late so we turned around and headed back home. I had completely forgotten about the letter, until my partner pointed out that there it was; the letter was still there waiting for us! So we took it home with us, poured two glasses of wine and opened the letter.”


“I came into work at Red Pegasus and one of my co-workers, Jenn, told me we had been left a love letter in our door! We all gathered around reading and re-reading the poem trying to decipher its meaning, wondering why us and where did it come from?  It definitely added a little mystery and excitement into our day. Sharing it with customers and friends, we were curious if there were other recipients out there that had been involved in this thoughtful love letter project, or if someone just wanted to brighten our day.”

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“I found my love letter early one morning on Queen Street east of Broadview. It was sitting on the ground just outside of a dress shop. I picked it up, walked home and forgot about it for a few days. When I did open it and read the poem. I remembered hearing about the project on CBC Radio One. I was so happy to find one but I was  unsure what I should do with it. I decided to give it to my friend Sarah, and asked her if she would seal it back up and write LOVE on the bottom right corner and drop it off near her home near Queen West. I thought it was best to send it back out into the city I was born in and the city I love.”


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