What do you love about your city?


The Atlantic’s CityLab
Writing an ode to your place forces you to reflect on and appreciate its assets, which makes you feel more place attached—which, in turn, makes you happier.
Written by Melody Warnick. Read the full article here.

Lindsay is a frequent guest on CBC’s Metro Morning
CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ March 27, 2020
Finding joy in these bewildering times
CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ November 27, 2019
Embrace the sunshine!
CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ July 2, 2018
A love letter to summer picnics!
(This was also re-aired on Fresh Air on July 8, 2018)
CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ January 17, 2018
A love letter to winter picnics (And more from CBC and CBC TV here).
CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ October 2017
A love letter to DIY Halloween costumes
CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ September 2017
A love letter to picnics
CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ June 2017
A love letter to summer swimming pools
CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ February 2017
A love letter to snow pants (and winter) 


CTV ~ August 14, 2020
Love Lettering Project spreads community joy. Watch it here!

CBC TV ~ January 21, 2018
Make the most of the chilly weather with a winter picnic. Watch it here!

CITYNews ~ September 7, 2015
Love letters hidden across Toronto waiting to be found: CityNews videographer Audra Brown finds out why the author has been writing love letters to the city for the past eleven years. Watch it here!

CTV News ~ August 16, 2013
Artist Matthew Del Degan dedicates a LoveBot to Lindsay for her work with The Love Lettering Project. Photos from the shoot here.

Canada AM ~ August 7, 2012
Writer showers Toronto with love: A featured interview on CTV’s national morning show, Canada AM. Read the complementary article here!

Global Television National and Toronto News ~ August 13, 2012
Feature interviews with Christine Stevens and Marianne Dimain.

CBC Television’s The National ~ July 31, 2011
Reporter Melanie Nagy’s piece, Spreading the love, a national feature on The Love Lettering Project: “Hundreds of love poems are popping up all over Toronto. Just who is the roaming romantic winning hearts across the city?”

BreakfastTelevision: Toronto ~ August 12, 2011
The Love Lettering Project featured on BreakfastTelevision Toronto.


lindsay zier-vogel, metro news, love lettering project

The Toronto Star ~ February 16, 2016
Handwriting is making a comeback through letter-writing, calligraphy
Written by Geoffrey Vendeville. Read the full article here.

The Metro ~ Sept 14, 2015
Love Lettering spreads sweet nothings across Toronto
Written by Gilbert Ngabo. Read the full article here.
(First published online on Sept. 9, 2015)

Inside Toronto (The Beaches Mirror, The Scarborough Mirror, The East York Mirror, The Bloor West Villager, The Parkdale Villager, The Etobicoke Guardian, York Guardian, North York Mirror, City Centre Mirror) ~ September 7, 2015
Love Lettering Project sees people writing love letters to Toronto and leaving them throughout the city. Written by Sam Juric. Read the full article here.

The Varsity ~ February 10, 2013
Signed, sealed, delivered: Lindsay Zier-Vogel opens up about The Love Lettering Project. Written by Danielle Klein. Read the full article here. 

University of Toronto  Magazine ~ Winter 2013
She Loves You: Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s eight-year quest to make strangers’ days a little better – through the magic of love letters. Read the full article here.

The Toronto Star ~ August 13, 2012
Writer invites Toronto to spread the love. Read the full article (with photos!) here!

lindsay zier-vogel, toronto star, love lettering project, toronto

The Metro ~ August 13, 2012
She wrote a letter to her love and on the way she dropped it. Read the full feature here!

The Toronto Star: “Summer of Love: Delivering joy, one letter at a time” ~ August 10, 2011
Written by: Michael Woods: “Artist pens love poems to the city, and leaves them for others to find.” There’re even poems on the fourth page!

MetroNews: “My beloved Toronto, with your big-city curves…” ~ August 10, 2011
The result is 65 original poems that have become 500 art pieces, which she slips into airmail envelopes and leaves all around the city. “I just like putting them out in the universe,” she said. Read the story here

Taddle Creek magazine ~ Summer 2011
“Secret Admirer: How one poet spreads the love” by Jacqueline Nelson
Lindsay Zier-Vogel isn’t a mail carrier, but each year she delivers dozens of letters to unsuspecting Torontonians. The letters aren’t placed in mailboxes, but scattered around the city—one year in phone booths and grocers’ cherry bins, another tied to strangers’ bicycles—each tucked in an airmail envelope addressed with only one word: “love.”

Toronto Life magazine ~ June 2011
Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s Love Lettering Project is one of the Top 50 reasons to love Toronto now

The GridTO: We’ve got mail ~ June 15, 2011
By: Matthew Halliday
Lindsay Zier-Vogel wedged a letter, sealed in an old-fashioned airmail envelope, into the sand at Sunnyside Beach last Friday morning. She stuffed another letter into the hollow of a tree near the boardwalk and tied another to a No Lifeguard on Duty sign a few metres from the shore—this one was addressed to “the lake, where it looks like an ocean.” Read the whole story here!

Metro Toronto: Urban Compass ~ June 13, 2011
“Love Letters to Toronto” by Lia Grainger for Metro Toronto on Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s Love Lettering Project
…So if you’re lucky enough to spot a red-and-blue envelope dangling from a tree or taking up a subway seat, open it and find another reason — care of Zier-Vogel — to love your city.

Room 34.3: Fluency: The Back Room
A Q&A about the Love Lettering Project with Brigid MacAulay

The Globe and Mail ~ June 2, 2012
For eight years the writer and artist Lindsay Zier-Vogel has penned adoring odes and whimsically distributed them willy-nilly to places all around the city to be discovered later by strangers… Check out the wee dittie here!



CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ July 2, 2018
A love letter to summer picnics!

CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ January 17, 2018
A love letter to winter picnics (And more from CBC and CBC TV here).

CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ October 2017
A love letter to DIY Halloween costumes

CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ September 2017
A love letter to picnics

CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ June 2017
A love letter to summer swimming pools

CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ February 2017
A love letter to snow pants (and winter) 

JazzFM 91.1 ~ April 20, 2016
An interview with Jazz FM’s arts reporter, Shirley Camia. (Listen here!)

NPR’s Where We Live ~ December 11, 2015
An interview with John Dankosky. (Listen here, around the 27-minute mark)

CBC Radio’s Here and Now ~ October  21, 2014
An interview with host Gill Deacon about the power of letter writing.

Tiny Conversations, Episode 15 ~ September 15, 2014
An interview with Tiny Conversation’s Brian Cauley about The Love Lettering Project and unexpected discoveries (Listen here!)

CBC’s Radio-Canada ~ February 14, 2014
Interview (en francais!) on L’heure de pointe Toronto with a participant of The Toronto Love Lettering Project’s digital exhibit in The PATH. (More about the exhibit here).

CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ~ February  8, 2013
What’s On columnist Garvia Bailey featured The Love Lettering Project’s February incarnation as an inclusive, non-coupley alternative to spreading Valentine’s Day love on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning.

CBC Radio’s Here and Now ~ August 13, 2012
In an age of e-mail and text messaging, sending a love letter seems old-fashioned, even quaint. But a local writer is doing just that… Now, she’s encouraging others to share the love. Guest host Wei Chen spoke with Lindsay Zier-Vogel about The Love Lettering Project. Listen to the interview here.

CBC Radio 1′s DNTO: Love Lettering Project lovin’ ~ March 24, 2012
Imagine finding a random love letter on the street – just for you (whoever you may be). That’s the kind of surprise Lindsay Zier-Vogel set out to create with her Love Lettering Project. Sook-Yin will join her to distribute some letters for unsuspecting strangers. Listen here (about a third of the way in!)

CIUT’s The Public with Kevin Caners ~ August 23, 2012
An interview with host Kevin Caners for CIUT’s The Public – a weekly one-hour show that explores ideas, culture and modern society through in-depth interviews. Listen to the full interview here (and then hear Kevin’s chat with musician Jeremy Fisher!)

CBC Radio’s World Report ~ Sunday July 31, 2011
The Love Lettering Project featured on CBC Radio’s World Report

CBC’s Metro Morning ~ June 13, 2011
Host Matt Galloway interviews Lindsay Zier-Vogel about The Love Lettering Project. Listen to the interview and read the love poem to Toronto’s radio show.

CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera – February 13, 2010
The Love Lettering Project was featured on DNTO’s Kissing and breaking up episode: Listen here

Newstalk 1010 ~ August 18, 2012
A feature interview on The Morning Show with host Larry Fedoruk.

CJAD ~ August 1, 2011
Delmar @ Night: Dan Delmar chatted with Lindsay Zier-Vogel about The Love Lettering Project on Montreal’s News Talk Radio Station 800 AM.


1LOVETO ~ February 12, 2014
Toronto Love Lettering Project. Read the coverage here.

newz4u.net ~ February 11, 2013
The Toronto Love Lettering Project pops up on digital screens along the Toronto PATH with city-love. Read more here.

The Londonist ~ June 30, July 1, 2013
The 5-city UK tour five-city UK tour made The Londonist’s list of “interesting and unusual things to do for a fiver or less this week” as well as the daily things to do in London list. Read the feature here.

SeenReading with Book Madam, Julie Wilson ~ August 18, 2012
If you’ve been near a newspaper, magazine, radio, or television in the past few weeks, you’ve by now heard of Lindsay Zier-Vogel, creator of The Love Lettering Project, a community arts endeavour that encourages the people of Toronto to write love letters to the things, people, and places they adore. ~ Julie Wilson  Watch the full interview here!

TorontoLife.com ~ August 8, 2012
People who love Toronto are telling it so, via love letter. Read the full feature here.

globeandmail.com ~ August 7, 2012

Featured video on the homepage: “Why this Toronto writer plants anonymous love letters across North America

CBC Radio 2 Twitter Feed ~ June 24, 2011

The Pop-Up City ~ August 2, 2012
For topophiliacs in Toronto, the Love Lettering Project allows people to write love notes to their beloved city. Read more from the Amsterdam-based blog!

OpenBooks: Toronto: “Spreading the love in Toronto” ~ August 22, 2011
Written by Michelle Medford
“In February, Toronto can be a little dire, a little grey, not so lovely at times,” says author Lindsay Zier-Vogel. “I kind of needed to remember what I loved about the city.” So she sent out a call to people, asking them what they loved about Toronto. Her inbox flooded with responses. Read the story here.

I Like You podcast: #58 You’ve Got Mail ~ July 23, 2011
A wonderful podcast with JP and Elah. Listen here!

416 Cycle Style ~ July 18, 2011
Love and beautiful photos of The Love Lettering Project from 416 Cycle Style
I rarely post photos that don’t show a person, as the fashion and style aspect of riding a bicycle is what I mainly document. Since style is influenced by our surrounding environment and experiences, I thought I’d share some of the love that I fell into along a random Roncy ride.” ~ Xander Labayen

The I Love You blog ~ June 19, 2011: More Love Lettering Project love!

1LOVETO ~ May 13, 2011
Spring has finally sprung and all over the city, the feeling of positivity and optimism can’t help but feel contagious. Lindsay collects stories from friends and strangers that follow a specific theme; whether it be the location of someone’s first kiss, or their favourite restaurant in the city, people share with her what they LOVE about Toronto. She then crafts these stories into unique, 1 of a kind love letters and poems, and places them randomly throughout the city (or exactly in the place the story came from) for an unassuming stranger to happen upon. She’s tied them to trees in the park, stuck them in baskets of berries in the market, hidden notes between pages of novels in the library, anywhere you would least expect to find “love”.


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