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One week into the 30×30 Challenge



It’s Day 7 of the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30×30 Nature Challenge and at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, it has been transformative (and the best part is we’ve still got weeks to go!)

Rundown of the challenge: Spend 30 minutes in nature for the 30 days of May. (You can register here!)

I spend a lot of time outside, especially with my 14-month-old, but being mindful of the time we spend outside has been really incredible. I’ve found new pockets of my neighbourhood to explore, and spent time in favourite parks, biking, and walking, and picnicking.


We’ve biked to the river nearby, even in the rain, and spent hours picnicking in High Park.



We’ve planted milkweed and watched the daffodils, and now the tulips bloom.


My kid had an ant crawl up his arm for the first time, and he touched the rough park of an evergreen in High Park (and learned the great delight of pinecones!)

It’s not to late to join in! Sign up here!

And while you’re at it, write a letter to what you love in nature!

1. Reflect on what you love about nature—a favourite wild space from childhood, or how the sound of water makes you feel more peaceful. Be as specific as you can!

2. Write a love letter to nature. Tell us what you love in a story, a poem or a few simple words.

3. Share your love letter on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #lovenature and you’ll be entered to win a prize package from Genuine Health.

4. Hide it for someone to find — around the house, at your local library, community centre or school. Write #lovenature or #30×30NatureChallenge on the envelope so others can play along.

It’s time to fall (back) in love with nature.



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