What do you love about your city?

Love lettering in Brazil (!!)


The Love Lettering Project went to…BRAZIL in July! How amazing is that?  The city of Teresopolis is 60km outside of Rio, and according to my friend Poliana Gomes, it has been struggling since fatal floods and landslides in 2011, an uptick in violent crime and a corrupt mayor who was recently ousted.

After a recent municipal election, a number of schools started working together to engage youth, in an attempt to develop ownership of their city.  So, for the city’s 127 birthday, Poliana and her team at the Cultura Inglesa asked their students to write love letters to Teresopolis.

(Aren’t those envelopes amazing??)

The project took off and was so popular a bunch of schools took part. A church got on board and local art teachers are asking their students to continue writing letters and spreading the civic love. SO MUCH LOVE! It’s just so amazing.

I can’t read Portuguese, but how awesome are these articles in local newspapers and a larger publication called VEJA RIO—a magazine covering the whole state of Rio de Janeiro (!!) (You can read that one here!)


My heart is so full!


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