What do you love about your city?

Filling up half-full/empty glasses with Julie Wilson


One of the very best things about this project is connecting with extraordinary people – like radio host Matt Galloway, artist Casey VonEsteban, Awesome Foundation’s Nick Cluley and most recently, Book Madam Julie Wilson, of Seen Reading fame.

Seen Reading = all heaps of incredible. Julie documents what people are reading on the TTC and creates tiny perfect microfictions about these readers. It’s a blog and a stunning book. It makes me love Toronto tenfold.

We sat down on Friday morning and chatted about love lettering and filling up glasses that are half full and half empty. It made for a perfect morning.

Watch the full interview is here!

If you’ve been near a newspaper, magazine, radio, or television in the past few weeks, you’ve by now heard of Lindsay Zier-Vogel, creator of The Love Lettering Project, a community arts endeavour that encourages the people of Toronto to write love letters to the things, people, and places they adore.

Lindsay’s enthusiasm is infectious, so I asked her to join me in a (very) early morning coffee chat via Skype, recorded Friday, August 17, 2012. I was in my home. Lindsay was in hers. And I asked her the one burning question on everyone’s mind: Is she really that happy?

~ Julie Wilson

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