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Celebrating summer: The CBC Radio + picnic edition

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I’m officially solar-powered, and I love summer so even though it has finally arrived this year, in mid-September, it’s perfect weather for picnicking and bike riding and eating your weight in watermelon.

I got to bike down to the CBC building on Friday just as the sun was rising and chat live on radio on a picnic blanket (cuz I don’t go anywhere these days without my waterproof picnic blanket!) Shawn Micallef talked about the perfectly warm waters of Lake Ontario and pulling a Sesame Street-style weekend, hanging with neighbours (which I then did!).

I even said “poop” and “bum” on live radio to the delight of toddlers everywhere (to my credit, we were talking about picnicking!) and I shared my ideal picnic plans…

Shawn Micallef and I chatting with CBC Radio’s Metro Morning host, Matt Galloway

My ultimate picnic:

1). Swing by the Cheese Boutique
2). Buy all the cheese (olives, kumquats, fancy crackers, bread, etc., optional)
3). Bike down to Lake Ontario, or up to the Humber River
4). Spread out your picnic blanket, bask in the sun, eat all the cheese
5). Congratulate yourself for remembering extra sunscreen and a pile of watermelon
6). Hydrate
7). Fall deeply in love with summer (again)

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