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April 25: Chatting love lettering in Montreal


I am so excited to be heading to Montreal to chat about The Love Lettering Project and urban subversion with the at University of the Streets Cafe, through Concordia University’s School of Extended Learning!

On April 25 from 7-9. c’mon by Le Milieu (1251 rue Robin, Montreal)

More here …and below:

Urban subversions: How do spontaneous artistic actions transform our city and our selves?

Imagine you’re walking down a city sidewalk, surrounded by crowds of strangers, submersed in a concrete landscape of buildings and streets. Out of the corner of your eye an unexpected something catches your attention. Maybe it’s the burst of colour of a yarn bomb, a modified slogan on a prominent billboard, or a hidden envelope tucked away for whoever stumbles upon it. How does this spontaneous artistic action make you feel? What impact does it have on your day? On your experience of the city?

Anonymous and diverse, urban interventions are subtle yet powerful means of reclaiming the urban commons. But the question remains: what’s the point? Who engages with these fleeting projects and how? Can we ever know?

For this public conversation, we invite those who create urban interventions and those who experience them, those who love them and those who are more critical, to join us in discussing what motivates these acts of street art and how their impact might be evaluated and understood.

Allison Gonsalves is an educational consultant and teacher. She also sings in a choir and volunteers for Rock Camp for Girls. In her spare time, she enjoys making projects that generate interactions between strangers. She likes thinking about ways to create learning spaces for big ideas and paradigm shifting.

Lindsay Zier-Vogel is a Toronto-based writer, arts educator and love letterer. Lindsay is the creator of The Love Lettering Project, a community-arts engagement project that has brought nearly 3,000 love letters to strangers over the last eight years. The Love Lettering Project was deemed one of the top 50 reasons to love Toronto in Toronto Life. She is currently working on a novel. lindsayziervogel.com and loveletteringproject.com

Alex P. Megelas is into researching the power of DIY tek communities, doing sports-for-the-people and drawing water-colour maps of dungeons. He’s in a band called Best Friends. He bikes around town. He has cats.

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