What do you love about your city?

January 30, 2023
by Lindsay

Dear Street

My debut picture book, DEAR STREET, illustrated by Caroline Bonne-Müller is out this May! It’s available for pre-order wherever you buy books!

If you’d like to host a reading at your school or book store, please contact Lindsay!

About the book:

A girl shares her love for her neighborhood, and finds that love multiplies, in this child-friendly story that encourages mindfulness and gratitude.

Alice loves her street. She loves its tall maple trees and marigolds and its apartment buildings with their colorful balconies. But not everyone feels the same. “Grumble, grumble, more construction, grumble, late, grumble,” she overhears. So Alice decides to write her street a love letter, which she leaves for someone to find. Through the seasons, as Alice encounters people grumbling about other things, she writes those things love letters, too, and leaves them to be found. She writes to her local park, a maple tree and even the snow. Then, one day, when Alice finds herself grumbling, she discovers a letter someone else has written to the spring crocuses. And Alice feels the joy she has been spreading to others come back to her!

Lindsay Zier-Vogel has created a delightful, uplifting story that celebrates how small acts by a single person can make a difference in a community. It inspires readers to pay attention and appreciate what they encounter every day. Caroline Bonne-Müller’s busy color-drenched illustrations beautifully evoke the abundance surrounding everyone (grumbling or not!) every day. This story was inspired by the international Love Lettering Project created by the author, in which participants write love letters to their communities and hide them for strangers to find. An explanation of the project at the end of the story encourages readers to write their own letters. This heartwarming picture book aligns with social studies lessons on cultures and communities, and character education lessons on caring, empathy and initiative.

January 30, 2023
by Lindsay

The Love Lettering Project

The Love Lettering Project is a community engagement project that asks participants to write letters about what they love about where they live. Since 2004, Lindsay Zier-Vogel has been spreading civic love by asking people to create these anonymous love letters to their cities, slip them into The Love Lettering Project’s signature airmail envelopes marked “love.” and distribute them anonymously throughout their communities.

Thousands of people have participated in over 250 Love Lettering Project events. This internationally acclaimed collaborative project has the capacity to transform individuals’ relationship to their communities through social engagement.

September 7, 2021
by Lindsay

Letters to Amelia

I am so delighted to announce that my epistolary novel, Letters to Amelia is now out in the world! Letter writing + Amelia Earhart + grief + love + Newfoundland + Saskatchewan + planes + libraries!

Letters to Amelia is available for purchase through Book*hug (here!) and wherever books are sold.

At your local indie bookstore and at:
Good Reads

The audiobook, read by Emily Nixon, is available now at AudibleScribdBook*hug, and your local library.

“Letters to Amelia invites us to hold our heroines close and to take heart – it is gentle and joyous, full of tenderness, alive and sturdy with hope.”

-Anne Michaels, author of Fugitive Pieces and The Winter Vault


Zier-Vogel’s imagined lovers’ correspondence connects the real Earhart not only to a broken-hearted library tech but also to us and our landscape, bringing to life this singular woman’s brave, soaring spirit.
— The Toronto Star

This could be the surprise debut novel of the year
— NOW magazine

An understated literary work with a historical underpinning, Letters to Amelia celebrates singular desires and pays homage to intimacy in the face of social scrutiny.
— Foreword Reviews

Letters to Amelia: Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s debut novel features an aviation pioneer – and U of T
— University of Toronto Alumni  and University of Toronto News

An engaging story full of thoughtfully drawn characters and lively dialogue…a wonderfully readable book.”
—Anne Thériault, Quill & Quire

[A] multi-dimensional account of the life of a woman who remains not only a feminist icon but a figure of undefined mystique. I’m sure Amelia herself would be pleased.
— Miramachi Reader

Featured in:

More about the book here!

August 7, 2020
by Lindsay

Word On The Street 2020: Summer Spectacular

I’ve had the great honour of being a part of Word On The Street for the last few years and it is a highlight of my every year, and I’m so excited to be part of this year’s virtual festival through their Summer Spectacular – TWO WEEKS of free virtual events for kids and teens. The programming is AH-MAZING. (AND I just found out my childhood neighbour, Ted Staunton, who was the first *real* writer I ever met, is doing a program for 3-8 year olds!)

I’ll be hosting a Love Lettering Project/place-inspired interactive workshop for kids 12+. It’s going to be so much fun. Spread the word!

When: Friday, August 21, 2020 from 1-2pm
Where: Wherever you want to be + Zoom!
Cost: FREE! (But you need to pre-register)
Register here!

What do you love about where you live? Share your answer in this interactive workshop with Lindsay Zier-Vogel of the Love Lettering Project. Familiarize yourself with your neighbourhood and think more deeply about the space you occupy & who helps you live there, through the creation of a neighbourhood map.

Explore your imagination at The Word On The Street’s Summer Spectacular! This FREE series of online activities for kids and teens runs from August 17-28. Join us for activity-based learning, readings by featured authors, writing workshops, and more.

April 2, 2020
by Lindsay

CBC Radio: Finding joy in these bewildering times

These are, to say the very least, bewildering times as we all self-isolate and try our best to keep COVID-19 at bay. I was out on a millionth walk of the day when I got a call from CBC’s Metro Morning asking if I’d like to chat about finding goodness in these challenging, social-isolating, bizarre times. Of COURSE I said yes, and so on Friday, at Galloway o’clock, I was up, waiting in the Metro Morning “green room” (aka my kitchen) ready to chat about finding the joy these days.

My tips? MAKE LISTS! My spring checklist is giving my life the way it does every year, and this spring I’ve made an additional list— a list to look at when the chips are down, when we’ve all been stuck inside for way too long, for when the anxiety of the state of the world threatens to capsize me. And so far, it seems to be working…

March 10, 2020
by Lindsay

A Writing In The City celebration

There is something truly transformative about making a hand bound book. There’s this moment where it goes from a bunch of paper and illustration board, to, *boom* a book. Just like that. After all these years, it still fills me with deep joy. And this joy was compounded when I made books with my Word-Play kids, and then if gorgeous hand-bound books wasn’t awesome enough, they they filled said books with extraordinary myths they had written over the last few months.

We had a final celebration and we shared our books and read our myths for a generous and packed house, and ate a lot of chips and it was a perfect end to a most wonderful year, my first as Word-Play’s Writing In The City program director. I can’t wait to start back up in the fall!

(This is what we were up to in the fall!)