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Writing (and reading!) The Junction

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A ray of light this fall has been the writing workshops I’ve been facilitating at Annette St. Library. It’s been SO! MUCH! FUN! We’ve been writing about the Junction and have created map-based poems, and place-based fiction fragments, and sestinas that aren’t quite sestinas (the faux-stina!), and postcard fiction…

We’re been using fragments of Junction-based writing to inspire our own—primarily Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer’s All the Broken Things, Terri Favro’s Once Upon a Time in West Toronto and Carleton Wilson’s Junction Elegies from The Material Sublime.

We’ve still got heaps to explore and I’m so grateful to these brave writers who spend their Wednesday evenings at the library with me.

Funded by the Ontario Arts Council’s Community Art program.



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