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The most wonderful love letter to nature

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As the David Suzuki Foundation’s#‎30x30Challenge wrapped up, close to 60 elders from different parts of the world joined together in Vancouver to write love letters to nature. Elder Li Chen shared her love letter:

你那温暖的陽光, 清新的空氣和潔淨的水就如母親的乳汁一樣,
大自然用你那翠綠的樹林, 五彩繽紛的花草, 裝扮着四周的環境, 讓我們天天精神百倍, 活力十足地生活着.
大自然, 我們深深熱愛着您, 親近您, 保護您.
陳力, Li Chen.
五月廿六曰, 二零一六年

Your warm sunshine, clean air and water nurture us like a mother’s milk. You help us grow, generation after generation, to become healthy and strong.
Your jade-green forests and five-coloured flowers and grass dress up our environment in four corners.
You energize us everyday and give us strength to live life to the ten-full (fullest)
Nature, we deeply love you, we want to get close to you and protect you.
Thank you for giving us everything.
Li Chen. May 26, 2016

How amazing is this??!!

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