What do you love about your city?

The buildings that make up our cities (+ more postcards!)


L.A.’s Aero Movie Theatre: It opened before the WWII (showing continuous 24-hour movie theatre for aircraft workers!) and is still lighting up the neighbourhood with its pink and green fluorescent marquee. The vintage movies, make it the best spot for a date.

In 2010, Australian-born illustrator James Gulliver Hancock, began drawing all the buildings in New York, that’s right EVERY building in New York. Not just Grand Central Station, or the Chrysler Building, but every single one of the 900,000 buildings in NYC. Narrow five storey walk-ups, iconic brownstones, fancy hotels, imposing towers and everything in between. How amazing is that?

His website is filled with these illustrations and he’s since published a book called “Every Building In New York (That I’ve Drawn So Far)” that is an illustrated love letter to the architecture, both grand and overlooked in the city.

Toronto’s got its own documenters of buildings big and small, with Daniel Rotsztain’s project, All The Libraries project, where he drew every single one of Toronto’s 100 library branches, his current project, All The Historic Sites, where he’s drawing every single one of Toronto’s historic sites.

And Jake Tobin Garrett’s Every House on Palmerston project is drawing every single house on Palmerston Blvd – one of the grandest, most wonderful streets in the city (in my opinion…I used to live at 405!) You can follow his progress down the street on Instagram!


A few weeks ago, I put an all call out for city-based postcards (after these incredible ones from New York!) and check out these amazing L.A.-based postcards:

Meditation is the upside to traffic! I found my true self after, only after, living in L.A. traffic on the way to (and from!) work.

Pico Blvd Trader Joe’s: Yummy, affordable and with the nicest staff I’ve ever found – such a wacky, unique, and colorful spirit. Orchids and pineapples and an amazing chocolate aisle. Always a trip.




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