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Thank you letters to heroes

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Female-identifying politicians get hate mail all. the. time. Vitriolic, abusive, horrific messages over email, Twitter, and in the post. I can’t even imagine. BUT imagine if they received postcards (so they knew at first glance it wasn’t hate mail…!) thanking them for their service and cheering them on. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Cue Gabe Thirlwall and I teaming up last night to send love letters to progressive female-identifying MPPs with a big room full of wonderful people. We wanted to counter the flood of hate that women politicians receive daily – a teeny, tiny act of kindness in super messed up times. Gabe designed the postcards of Queen’s Park and we coloured and wrote and swapped stories of our progressive female leaders. It was a really exceptional night, filled with support and generosity.

We want to do it again. Let us know if your Ontario town needs an event.




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