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Thank you letters to heroes: Part II


I knew that female-identifying politicians get hate mail, but I had no idea how awful, how consistent, how non-stop it can be. Vitriolic, abusive, horrific messages over email, Twitter, and in the mail. Months ago, Gabe Thirlwall and I wondered what we could do about it. So we teamed up and made postcards (so they knew at first glance it wasn’t hate mail…!) and decided we would cheer them on and thank them for their service.

After a roaring success from our first event, Gabe and I joined up with Lori Neale to send encouraging letters to progressive female-identifying MPPs. The Queen’s Park postcards were designed by Gabe and over 30 people of all ages wrote and coloured 40+ postcards, and shared stories of our progressive female leaders. It was a really inspiring night, our attempt at countering the flood of hate that women politicians receive daily.

We want to do it again! Let us know if your Ontario town needs an event.

(Check out letters from our first event here!)


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