What do you love about your city?

Street party joy


I sometimes joke that I live on Sesame Street. I had no idea when we moved in four years ago how amazing our street was, but it is. It’s magic. In the middle of winter, our furnace broke and within 10 minutes of sending out a “does anyone have a space heater” email, our front hall was FULL. At least 12 neighbours came by with space heaters, not to mention offers of hosting us until the heat got back on.

Neighbours shovel each others’ sidewalks, bring meals to the parents of new babies and elderly couples, collect mail, and roll out garbage bins when people are travelling. Nothing fills me with more joy than rolling up the street with my kids in the wagon on a Friday afternoon and seeing all my neighbours standing on the sidewalk while our kids play made up games that involve a toy penguin, colouring an oak tree with chalk, and hiding sunglasses…

And if that wasn’t wonderful enough, my street also throws a street party every September. The road is closed and a team of volunteers plans the most wonderful afternoon filled with a bouncy castle, a visit from a fire truck (my son’s fav!), a magician, balloon animals, a talent show, a scavenger hunt, a BBQ/potluck (the even and odd sides alternate between bringing salads and dessert!), a little bit of love lettering and a late-night movie. It is easily the best day of the year.

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