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My annual love letter to swimming


It’s my very favourite time of year OUTDOOR SWIMMING SEASON!

Last year’s first swim of the season was a wretched disappointment (I’m still not over it!), but this year was a big weekend long turquoise love letter at Sunnyside Pool. Twas positively glorious (you can read my love letter here!)

Writer (and swimmer!) Kerry Clare sums up the joy of public pools perfectly: “I love public pools, where everybody just shows up on hot days. I love all the bodies, the splashing, the obnoxious people, the towels spread out on the deck, the way the water cools you down just like that, and how my children have turned into little fish. The swimming pool is everything I love about living the city.” (You can read the full post here – it’s wonderful and full of all things summery!)

AND, because swimming is my favourite thing to do, I also ended up going for a dip in Lake Ontario this week. I didn’t really mean to, but the pool was closed (and I always forget to check!), but I had my brand new suit and towel, so for the first time since 2010, I hopped in the lake at Sunnyside Beach! It was chilly but lovely, and I screamed at a very big fish, and the lifeguard escorted me with a rowboat and I felt like Marilyn Bell, sans pablum and eels.

Oh swimming, you have my whole heart! (I’ll be adding to my pile of swim love letters here all summer!)

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