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Mail + love lettering + February…

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Okay, time for some goodness. It’s grey and dreary out these days and I’m finding it easy to let the small things get me down. Oh, and there’s this saccharine exclusive-to-couples day coming up where people equate love with roses and chocolates…BAH!

Sooooo, I’m proposing (ha!) to expand that definition of love in this sometimes tricky month.

If you email me your address (to loveletteringproject (at) gmail.com), I’ll send you a wee package in the mail with everything you need to write a love letter to your city/community/neighbourhood. You can photograph it if you’d like and send me a pic, then you can put it in the envelope marked love and go hide it for a stranger to find.

I’ll send out 200 love letter-y packages…first come, first serve.

Mail! Love! Hidden notes!

Take THAT, February!

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