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Love + Lovebot


Me, the Lovebot and Matt

Me, the Lovebot and Matt

I am so, so honoured to have a Lovebot dedicated to me and this lil ol’ project! It lives outside  of Wanda’s Pie in the Sky in one of my very favourite places in all of Toronto — Kensington Market.

Created by artist and designer, Matthew Del Degan, the Lovebot is “at the forefront of the movement called the Love Invasion, which aims to evoke a sense of wonder in the hearts and lives of people around the world, emanating from Lovebot’s home city of Toronto.”

How wonderful is that?!?

There will be 100 of these concrete love-filled statues around Toronto, each dedicated to an individual. The stories of these folks (including me! Blush!!) are up on the Lovebot site, along with a map of this Love Invasion!

AAAAND, if you happen to be near a TV on Friday the 16th, tune into the CTV News (closer to 11pm!) to see Matthew dedicate that adorable Lovebot to me in Kensington.

So much love!!


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