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Love lettering in London, Part 1


Love lettering at Fairly Square with A Good Week

I’m love lettering in London and it all feels like a bit of a dream come true — hanging out in the Very Good Company office, kicking off A Good Week on Twitter, seeing the plush version of the A Good Week logo in person…man alive, it’s been a very good week indeed and it’s only Tuesday!

The plush version of "A Good Week's" logo

The plush version of “A Good Week’s” logo

Today, I hung out at Fairly Square coffee shop in London and found out what people love about their city, drinking heaps of coffee in the process. (Check out more photos here!)


It was all sorts of amazing (and check out the incredible reclaimed wood! Stunning!)



And I got to meet the wonderful creator of Yoga Studio App – a yoga app that has changed my life! It was so wonderful to hear her voice in person (and in London, while she was on her way to get her permanent residency — the perfect time for a love letter!)



Off to Brighton tomorrow!


ps: Thank you thank you Canada Council and generous Indiegogo supporters for this incredible opportunity. It is incredible times a thousand!

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