What do you love about your city?

Love lettering in Brighton


Oh Brighton! I’m not sure I could dream up a prettier seaside town even if I tried!

A Brighton merry-go-round

A Brighton merry-go-round

There was a merry-go-round. And an ocean! (A sea?)

Brighton's bunting!

Brighton’s bunting!

There was bunting! And a pebble-y beach! And more sun than I’d seen in weeks (months? Dang ol’ rainy Toronto!)  It didn’t even matter that there was a garbage strike and there was garbage everywhere because people here call it rubbish, which is wonderful, non?

(And to make it even better, a Fresh Prince cover by a Brighton hip-hop artist about the strike!)

The Brighton seaside.

The Brighton seaside.

Oh, AND, I got to traipse about with the A Very Good Company folks and find out why the folks from Spook Studios and Benita from The People Who Share and the incredible Eugenie from Spark & Mettle love their city.

A be-spectacled me chatting with my hands with the Spook Studio fellas.

A be-spectacled me chatting with my hands with the Spook Studio fellas, Laurence and Carlos.

(Photos from the Spook Studios HQ, from their amazing website!)

You know those days that are just so awesome you’re not sure how they even exist? That was my day in Brighton.

And I came home (to London that is) with wonderful cheese and plum chutney from a delightfully charming cheese shop owner that have made my last two nights in London positively delectable.

That, combined with a day off (!) in London in which I got to visit writer Jeanette Winterson‘s Spitalfields shop, write postcards while drinking delicious coffee in the east end, run around the V&A and marvel at tiny stitches from the 12th century and I’m a pret-ty happy camper!

Onwards! To Bristol for the longest day of the year!


ps: Thank you thank you Canada Council and generous Indiegogo supporters for this incredible opportunity.

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