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Broadacres Public School: Taking huge imaginative leaps


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Learning what 10-year-olds love about their neighbourhoods never ceases to inspire me. In my residency as an artist mentor through tdsbCREATES, I’ve asked my students at Broadacres to write love letters to the school, and then their neighbourhoods and hide them for strangers to find.

Last week, I decided to see if we could make a big creative leap and imagine who might’ve found the letters they had hidden. And not only that, we then wrote letters back from these (fictional!) strangers.

Check out these incredible letters:

montgomerys inn

Dear Montgomery Inn,
I love the way you have an almost impossible to beat rustic image. It makes you look like one of the seven wonders of the world. Your farmer’s market has the best fruits and vegtables ever! I hope lots of people know about you


Dear ????,
Thank you for the love letter that you hid for someone to find.
Turns out it was me. I was having the worst day ever. The Orlando Magic lost by 50 points, I read a book of mythology where Perseus lost and turned to stone, I wasn’t going to become a detective today but maybe next year. That was before I found your love letter in 15 and 11 Micheal Power Place parking spaces under my windshield wiper. I read your love letter and it helped me get through the day. I read it to the entire police academy. Everyone loved it and asked me who wrote it. I said I don’t know. That letter helped me become a detective. Thank you for the letter. I really want to go to Montgomery Inn know because I love old, rustic scenes.
Signed, Detective Bill Saunders
P.S. can you write me one more letter? The other guys are dying for another love letter during our coffee and donut break!!!

eatonville library

Dear Eatonville Public Library,
I like your books, how I have many choices to choose from. I like your novels, like the genius files, and how you give out free passes to things like the ROM, the AGO, and the Toronto Zoo. I also like how you have these contests, like the super sleuth activity. I like how you have the computer, where you can look for any book and play library games.


Dear ????,
Thank you SO, SO, SO, much for the Love Letter I found in the library, in a book. I was feeling VERY sad and down because I was going to go to the zoo, but the Okapi exhibit was closed because of construction! I also got a C+ on a math test, just because I got 3 out of 7!! I also was going to soccer, but they all went on a TRIP!! Thank you for telling me about the bookmark contest, I will definitly try them!! You made me very happy, thank you!

toms dairy freeze

Dear Tom’s Dairy Qeen,
I love your ice cream and burgers I love the area that your in and I love your different tiypes of flavours my favouriteis  ice cream flavour is cookie dough my favourite burger has lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, chese, and kechup and that’s what I love about toms dairy Queen.
From: ?
To: You


Dear: ???
Thank you for the letter to Toms dairy freeze!
I found it on the picnik table I had the worst day ever but that letter you gave me opened up my day and made it better I loved it THANKS agin! PS I loved it so much that I am going to keep it for ever and every day I will read it and it will make my day the best!

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