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Kicking off with a wee bit of awesome

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The Awesome Foundation in Toronto did a wee Q&A with me after they presented me with their April funding for this year’s Love Lettering Project (and you can watch me get all verklempt on the video!)

Read about the other (incredible!) shortlisted projects…and my whole Q&A!

And while we’re on the topic of *awesome* an awesomely huge thank you to the incomparable Mark Freeman for his web-y brilliance and love letter-y insight in creating this gem of a site. It’s a perfect home.

It’s still early days of finding envelopes and paper and sewing love letters on fabric (because love lettering volunteers have to have matching aprons, non?), but the Awesome Foundation thumbs up, this site, and this incredible gem I received in the mail from a dear friend have me so very excited about filling the summer with city love.

love lettering project, lindsay zier-vogel, necklace

the most perfect love lettering necklace

ps: If you’d like to pitch in in any way – if you’ve got paper or gluesticks to donate, or some Sunday afternoons kicking about, send me a note!

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