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Announcing the 2013 UK love lettering tour!



 Lee Rosy’s teashop in Nottingham

Ta-da! I’ve hammered out the last few details about my love lettering tour of the UK! I’m so thrilled to announce it in all of it’s 5-city glory:

June 17-21: London and Brighton, UK: A Good Week
I’ll be joining the ”global celebration of all the Good that happens in the world,” led by London-based social innovation and research agency, A Very Good Company.

June 23, 2013: Bristol, UK for Big Green Week
I can’t wait to meet (in person!) the folks from Kilter Theatre with their theatrical letter-writing tour “The Last Post” that takes place in a Mobile Sorting Office Van. (How amazing is that?!)

June 25-26: Liverpool, UK, 1-3pm
I’ll be right on the water, getting school groups to write love letters at the Mersey Maritime Museum.

June 28: Nottingham, UK: Lee Rosy’s
At Lee Rosy’s teashop, I’ll be getting folks from Nottingham to write their city love notes.

July 1, 2013: London, UK: Canada Day International in Trafalgar Square, from 10:30am-6pm
Alongside a day-long street hockey tournament and incredible performances by Canadian musicians, write a love letter in London. I can’t wait for this one!!

The tour is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and generous Indiegogo supporters!


  1. Hey I guess you’ve heard by now that there is a UK group called Global Love Letters who you might like to connect with… The ‘founder’, Simon Paul Sutton hails from Brighton and they recently had a big group gather at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London last weekend….

    I do hope you can join energy….

  2. Plus we have a facebook page where people post images and videos of their deliveries…


    Do join us!

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