What do you love about your city?

A four years ago love letter…

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From Zahra Ebrahim:

Four years ago, this little anonymous love letter that I found on my bike gave me hope in this city that I was new to (and investing in building my life in) – that there were people creating little (big) bits of magic in Toronto. Little did I know that four years later, via CBC Radio – I’m happy to be able to say an official thanks to the amazing (then stranger) Lindsay Zier-Vogel (creator of the The Love Lettering Project) for the little beacons of light she shines all over this awesome city.

Becoming friends with this incredible woman has been one of the most incredible tales from this project…


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  1. Now that is wonderful and magic, it really is the best! I was just describing the magic of this project to some people from Vancouver tonight and then I saw this. Awesome.

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